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Trivia BrisbaneTrivia Brisbane. For Brisbane pubs or clubs looking to add Trivia to your weekly entertainment package. We have experienced, fun oriented hosts ready to present our Multi-Media Trivia packages at your venue.

Our multi media packages are flexible an vary according to your specific requirements. To inquire about our packages and a Trivia Host? CONTACT TRIVIA NIGHT

We provide:

  • A Professional, Experienced, Entertaining, Fun Orientated Host.
  • A Multi-Media, Digital Event with the questions enhanced by digital displayed on Big Screen TVs or through the venue projectors.
  • The host brings all the tools of trades including laptop, program, connections, PA system etc. A projector and screen can be provided upon request, if TV screens are not available at the venue.
  • High quality digital marketing material provided e.g. posters, flyers, event banners
  • Search engine optimised listing for your event on our event calendar – By day, date and area.
  • Social Media exposure on our FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ feeds
  • A sensational night of fun and frivolity for patrons of all ages.

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Trivia has been an integral part of the weekly entertainment packages in pubs and clubs for many years.

The competitive and challenging group activity has never lost its popularity. It continues to rank highly on the list of fun filled ways to pass a few happy hours with friends.

The continued success of pub and club Trivia is due, in part, to the fact that there has been improved innovation in the concept over the years.

Trivia started out with a host simply reading questions from a sheet or card after the Trivial Pursuit revolution. It then progressing to a time when Trivia hosts handed out graphics sheets or displayed graphic boards.

Trivia Host BrisbaneHowever now, with the increase in technology, Trivia Night Entertainment hosts are plugged into big screen TVs or projectors.

The quiz program is presented as a Multi-Media show through a computer program to the big screen. Every question is accompanied by graphics, film clips, music clips or still photos to make the Trivia experience truly interactive.

This gives far more scope to make the quiz even more exciting and fun to play.

There really are no set rules to numbers but large teams are difficult to manage and players would be advised to break up into smaller teams of 4 and 5.

Trivia Brisbane nights are situated widely through pubs and Clubs all over the Greater Brisbane area.

Venues with larger numbers attract up to 25 teams on their best nights. However most pubs average between 5 and 15 teams, varying seasonally.

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